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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quotes of the Day

"Bigger Dreams Stand for Bigger Challenges. Be ready if you ever dare to dream."

"Nobody wants to be a loser. But rarely do people try to be a winner either."

"Things get tougher when you are living your dreams. But realizing that you're living your dreams will lighten up everything"

A Letter for My Child to Read

Alana, when you grow up and are big enough to understand, please read this out to "Ibu"

Promise me Okay?

Good Girl... :)


You are the Heaven on Earth, the doorkeeper to Heaven

For that, I want to...

Thank you for supporting my life even when I did not know what life was

Thank you for smiling for me even when you wanted to cry, because you love me so much

Thank you for painting a sketch of my life because I know that I am as reckless as I can be

Thank you for feeding me with your angel touch

Thank you for protecting me from, well, myself ;)

Thank you, thank you, and thank you... for everything...

And for being my forever Mom

Cause you've done MORE THAN EVERYTHING for me and Daddy... ;)

And Oh Wait, speaking of Daddy...

He wants me to say this to you, and I quote,

"Thanks for being the BEST WIFE to Daddy"

Please forgive me for everything I have done to you and to myself

Please don't cry Ibu...

I will be holding you forever

And say hi to Daddy!

Cheeerrrrsss and SMILE....!!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Quotes of the Day

"We live in a human world that is full of chaos. I guess it all happens because we don't lift up to what nature suggests, a world that is so well-organized and well-thought off"

"Don't whine just because you don't get what you want. People are suffering in the other parts of the world, realizing that they don't even have a space to claim their right and something to fight for"

"The highest degree of freedom is when you can free yourself from yourself."

Seconds Before I Sleep

What do you picture right before you close your eyes and go to sleep at night? Do you try to contemplate and reflect on what happened on that day? Do you think of your activities the next day? Do you think of nothing at all?

A man away from his wife and daughter like me (at least in a couple of months) think about the moment where they come along and live with you. This is probably going to be one of the most difficult months in my life. I am anxious, yes. I have expectations. Both anxiety and hope always accompany me, especially in those seconds before I go to sleep. I just hope that tomorrow morning, I'll wake up and still wake up to embrace my dream and the plan that I am developing.

Seconds before I sleep, so many fragments that are waiting to be structured in my mind. I am just a 25 year-old man trying to be the best creature I can be. Within those seconds before I sleep, everything flashes by, reminding me of how small I am, and how solitary I can be in my sleep. I am a fool that tries to relax and rest amidst my very hectic life... I breathe in the hope of really breathing...

Above all, I feel lucky because I am still given an opportunity to visualize whatever it may be, in my mind, in those seconds before I sleep...

Good Night!